Derwent River: Blinking Billy to Hinsby Beach – Part 4

Sandy Bay’s wild side

A selection of photographs from Sandy Bay’s hidden shoreline.


Cement waterfall
Blinking Billy Beach 3. Disturbing structure


Once were steps
Steps to nowhere. Blinking Billy Beach 3 section


Another lonely boathouse
Another lonely boat shed
Detail with red brick
Detail, Blinking Billy Beach 3, southern end


Parties held long ago
Blinking Billy Beach 3


Blinking Billy 3 section old rails
On the Blinking Billy Beach 3 section


Boat on platform


Over the pebbles, over the sand, back to the reefs

Stepping down to the river

Private access, southern end of Blinking Billy Beach 3


Geology, Blinking Billy beach 3, southern point
Unconsolidated cliff.  Blinking Billy beach 3, southern point


Blinking Billy 3 from the south
Looking back at Blinking Billy beach 3 section


Gulls and yacht
Near Mitah Crescent;  yacht with the spinnaker


More steps
Before Mitah Crescent – structures on Blinking Billy Beach 3 southern end


View over my shoulder
Blinking Billy Beach 3


On the other side
Looking back at the beach shed and boulder at Mitah Crescent


Last Sandy Bay stretch pink deck
Mitah Crescent to Taroona section



South towards Taroona
After Mitah Crescent





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