Tasmania has so many offshore islands and lakes we don’t know all their names.  We have mountains and waterways few of us have visited and over 1260 beaches on mainland Tasmania alone.  Our natural wealth can’t fit in a marketing brochure and being an island at the end of the world,  if we don’t personally give you the map you may struggle to find us, tucked away as we are below the mighty expanse of mainland Australia.  We’ve rebuffed some of the worst attempts of the monoculture to have its way with us, relishing our natural state.  In the tourism landscape our voice is a whisper blown away by the Roaring Forties but that doesn’t stop the island from being fantastic.

This is a blog dedicated to Tasmania’s beaches and coastline, to sailing and the sea, to footsteps in the sand, to cycling and the open road, to the island’s long summer days, its winter mists, its feisty winds and the wilds of the Southern Ocean, 42 degrees south beneath the aurora and the Southern Cross and long blue miles away from the roar of multi-lane highways and beaches too crowded to spread a handkerchief, let alone a beach towel.

And it’s also about the small adventures I hope to have along the lengthy coastline of this little island by way of curtailing the size of my big fat carbon footprint.

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