Introduction | List of Beaches

Walk with Cathy

The Plan

I set myself the impossible goal of exploring all of Tasmania’s beaches and coastline by either walking, cycling, kayaking or sailing.  I’m exploring some alone, but I’m also hoping to have the company of friends, family and dogs from time to time.  The dogs don’t need encouragement but friends and family may need to be bribed and I may need to bribe myself as this progresses.  So far the biggest challenge has been calling a halt to curiosity (release me, Sandy Bay Rivulet!) and  the easiest has been revising down this goal into a more manageable size! (For now!)

I had only planned to write a humble blog but as I’ve walked beaches  I felt a little more was needed to do this fabulous island justice and so the blog has grown into an embryonic website.

The chances are you’ve arrived here by accident.  I hope you’ll take the time to linger a little while.

Find this site on Instagram (@tasmanianbeaches), Facebook (Tasmanian Beaches) and on Twitter (@TasBeaches). There is also a photo gallery on this site.  If you have a photo you’d like to contribute please contact me.  If there’s a Tassie beach that means a lot to you, please tell me your story.  They’re threatened by sea level rise.  Let’s document some memories.

Table of Contents

Section 1 

Inspiration Has Many Threads

Section 2 

Beginnings are Endings and Endings are Beginnings 

Section 3 

Beaches of the Derwent Estuary

1.  Western Shore

Sandy Bay beaches

  1. Short Beach and Marieville Esplanade
  2. Lord’s Beach
  3. Red Chapel Beach and Manning Reef
  4. Nutgrove Beach
  5. Long Beach
  6. Blinking Billy Beaches

Taroona Beaches

Kingston Beaches

Tinderbox Beaches

2.  The Derwent River Estuary (Eastern Shore)

Beaches from Bellerive to Gellibrand Point, including ~

3.   South Arm Peninsula

See the South Arm Beaches page for a listing, including Ralphs Bay beaches

4.   D’Entrecasteaux Channel

Tinderbox Bay North West Bay: Wilangta Beach, Stinkpot Bay

5.  North West Tasmania


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