The Book Shelf



Lancek, L & G Bosker.  2009.  The Beach: The History of Paradise on Earth, Blackstone Audible.

Robertson, M. 2008. From Petal Point to Cockle Creek: a beach explorer’s guide to the East Coast of Tasmania. Regal Printing.

Short, A.D. 2006.  Beaches of the Tasmanian coast and islands.  Sydney University Press, Sydney.


Birdlife Tasmania publications


Johnson, M & I McFarlane. 2015.  Van Diemen’s Land: an aboriginal history. UNSW, Sydney


Plomley, N.J.B.  Tasmanian aboriginal place names.  Occasional paper (Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery), Launceston.

Rose, Deborah Bird.  1996. Nourishing terrains: Australian Aboriginal views of landscape and wilderness. Australian Heritage Commission, Canberra

Sandy Bay

Centre for Historical Studies (UTas). The Companion to Tasmanian History [website].

Crawford, P.G. & Ryan, K.A. 1988. The history of the early water supply of Hobart, Institution of Engineers, Australia.

Derwent Estuary Program 2004. A model stormwater management plan for Hobart Regional Councils – a focus on the New Town Rivulet Catchment. Derwent Estuary Program, DPIWE, Tasmania.

Friends of the Sandy Bay Rivulet website.

Goc, N. 1997. Sandy Bay: a social history. Gentrx Publishing, Hobart.

Leaman, David. 1999. Walk into history in Southern Tasmania. Lehman Geophysics, Hobart

Leggett, K. 2002. Sandy Bay Rivulet draft management catchment plan, Hobart City Council. Hobart

Royal Society of Tasmania, Charles Darwin in Hobart Town, edited by Margaret Davies, Hobart, Royal Society of Tasmania, 2009.

Whales and Whaling

Nash, M. 2003. The bay whalers: Tasmania’s shore-based whaling industry. Navarine Publishing, Woden, ACT.


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